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The Friends of Patterson Park is an independent organization with a mission to ensure the park’s vitality as a treasured green space and encourage its use and appreciation by neighbors, visitors, and future generations.

Over the course of two semesters, the students worked with Executive Director, Jennifer Robinson, and Development Director, Shannon Arehart to create branding to promote, educate, and raise awareness of the original name of the park's most famous landmark, The Observatory. 

Students in the fall semester focused on engaging and educating the community about the landmark's original name, The Observatory, in an effort to stray the community from using the "offensive nickname" it has been given as well as educate the community on the history and evolution of the structure. Students partnered with BARS: Baltimore Asian Resistance in Solidarity alongside The Friends of Patterson Park to inform the community of the misrepresentation and appropriation of Asian culture the nickname exemplifies through an informational video.


Students in the spring semester used the branding ideation from the students in the fall semester as a stepping stone to devise the final branding for The Observatory. Students also worked with BARS to further enhance the informational video made in the previous semester; worked with Kimberly Proctor from local business, BMORE LICKS, to create a unique ice cream flavor promoting the new branding of The Observatory; and worked with government officials to change park signage. Word of The Mill's efforts were spread by students through press releases and social media posts while The Observatory's new branding was unveiled at Friends of Patterson Park's 2023 Earth Day Event with free merchandise samples and ice cream vouchers students handed out to people volunteering and visiting the park.

Spring 2023 Final Deliverables

Signage Update (1)_edited.jpg
stevensonvillager.com_a-call-for-change_ (1) (1).png

Fall 2022 Research and Branding Ideation

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